Lynn Avery aka Lois Dwight Cole (1903-1979)

Lynn Avery was a pen name of American children's author Lois Dwight Cole. She wrote under a number of different names, including that of Allan Dwight, under which pseudonym were books written together with her husband. As Lynn Avery she appears to have written only one book which was a mystery story for children centred around horses.

She was born in New York City. She studied at Smith College and worked as an editor at a number of publishing houses. Despite writing a fair amount of books, her closest brush with fame came as the person who was most instrumental in getting Margaret Mitchell's mega bestseller
Gone with the Wind published.

Horse and Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Gil and Kerry live near a stretch of the Erie canal. Together they discover that several of the barge horses have disappeared. They also come across a cruel barge owner who has been mistreating his horses. Can they solve the mystery and make sure the barge owner gets his just desserts?

Collector's Info:
The book does not appear to have been reprinted. Although not a particularly common title it can be found without too much trouble in the USA and is usually low cost. Hard to find elsewhere however.